Monday, July 7, 2008

Line Graphics - Coz' a line can connect

What we do?
1) Brand Establishment Campaign/Running Brand Development (Designing & Printing)
a) Logo Developing/Evolving/Renovating
b) Color Theme Planning (Fixed/Varying )
c) Whole Publicity Co-ordination/Designing (Colour/Theme Matching of the Following :)
i) Hoarding/Signboard/Flex Board/Wall Painting
ii) Letter Head/Bill Book/Visiting Card/Receipt Book/Voucher/Other Stationery
iii) Pamphlet/Brochure/Poster/Flyer/Dangler/Other Promotional Material
iv) Invitation Cards/Greeting Cards/Introduction Letters of a New Venture starting
2) Running Material Designing & Printing
a) Packaging Material (Labels/ Sticker -in any Shape/ Material/ Box*/ Carry Bag*/ Pouch*/ Wrapper*/Any Other kind of Packing/Packaging Material)
3) Advertisement Designing in Print Media (Newspaper/Magazine/Other)

How specially we do?
1) Innovative and Exclusive style of Logos. Conceptual, Artistic and of International Standards.
2) Aesthetic, Corporate and Hi-Profile Colour Schemes.
3) We offer designing & printing: To-the-point, and According to the Business.
4) We can standardize old running designs into new, fresh and more meaningful ones.
5) We have a very large collection of raw material i.e. photos of all kinds and subjects, Clips of every need, exclusive and unique typefaces (Fonts) and written material ready on every subject/for every material.
6) We can give a special harmony to all of your publicity material, they will give a unique identity to your brand/product/organization.

Who are we?

We are Line Graphics!
We are a growing Name in Graphic Designing & Printing Field. We are currently known for our exceptional Graphic designing, hard-to-believe effects and value-for-money printing.
Frankly, we are not a big name in advertising-designing-printing field, but we can, and we are proving that we have something, which your current service providers have not.
We provide our customers, a Hi-Profile kind of Graphic Designing including Concept Making and Content Development and Realizing Ideas/Dreams to put them on paper, off course.
We are currently doing work for a few of the renowned names like; College Book House (CBH), Apex Institute of Management & Science, Ramesh Book Depot (RBD), Kautilya Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ashirwad Publications, Right Concept Marketing (RCM Business), G. D. Bansal & Associates, Faster Lubricants, Genius Publications, Flight Times Monthly, Jaipur Institute of Jewellery, Shree Krishna Rolling Mills (Krishna Saria), Tagore Public School etc.
If you are not satisfied with your current Graphic Designing or Printing Service Provider, kindly think about it and do us a call. We will surprise you through our supreme quality service and the most reasonable tariffs. Please give us a ring, to know more about any further details.
Hoping a long lasting, trustworthy relationship,

Thanks for the time, you spent with the blog

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